Process is everything to us. The way we do things separates HighPoint from the many other good builders in our area. Our team has worked to put a deliberate step-by-step process in place to ensure that we deliver the absolute best-finished product to you. Not only do we value your final product, but we also value how we get there. The process begins now.

come first.

Trust is much more than just a word around here. Like in marriage or a strong friendship, it's important that we can trust one another. We develop strong relationships first before we ever break ground. Knowing our clients means we can offer genuine synergy. As builders, we know how important a  great foundation is. So we start with you.

Great building and remodeling are in the details. Those details start and end at your property line. It's most important that we get an in-person glimpse of what we are working with before we begin to plan your dream. We will meet with you at your property for a formal introduction and assessment so that we can provide a solid plan and strategy for your home building or remodeling project.

Discovery &

Design & architecture.

We partner with an architecture firm that offers award-winning designs to challenge the norms, come up with ideas and design thinking outside the box and creating the most functional, beautiful, yet unique design that fits the budget and needs specific to the client. We take ideas and transform them into architecturally creative and curated designs. From scratch. Something that becomes a destination and that makes you feel alive. Everything has a purpose. Everything has a function. More specifically everything, every element, was done with intention.

Building & project management.

HighPoint is technology driven. We rely on leading building applications putting you in the driver seat. We are proactive vs reactive. We already have all of the details worked out prior to putting a shovel in the ground or a hammer through the wall. You will have the chance to get involved in the design and material selection process. We encourage you to be involved as much or little as you'd like offering remote access to the entire process via the CoConstruct app. You have one-on-one dedication with your project manager who knows your build inside and out and will be your lifeline throughout the project.

HighPoint offers a 10-year limited warranty on all of our custom homes. #realquality

Ready to build?

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